Mar 29, 2011

Kim Gary Ambassador?

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I've been questioned gazillion times, Am'I Kim Gary Ambassodor? Do I own Kim Gary? Do you have share with Kim Gary? Why you always dine-in Kim Gary? The foods in Kim Gary really that nice?

Here I'm gonna explain to you WHY!

- Every month I would receive Discount / FREE Meal vouchers.

Beside that all members are entitled to have 50% off on the 3th days before/after theirs birthday.

- I own a Kim Gary restaurant at home. A Pink & Purple painted room. XD

- Few months back I've received a new badge "Century Club" via Foursquare which unlocked at Kim Gary and I do advised to hang a photo of myself on their wall. Foursquare ask me to do so. Heheheheh!

- Do you know who is Bosco Wong?

He is the Ambassador of Kim Gary, so is there any similarity with Joshua Wong? Hehehehe!

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Simon Seow said...

Crazy shit. You spent 1/3 of your year eating at Kim Gary

SiMon Har said...

LOL i can't believe tat u actually spent so much time in Kim Gary!

Diana Diane Teo said...

When comes to Kim Gary, I think they do have the best baked cheese rice.. Too bad Sabah no Kim Gary...

By the way, nice pic there... xP

Kian Fai said...

hahaha yah I see your 4sq every-time for sure is in Kim Gary XD

` shirleen said...

OMG check in 100 times @@....

Anonymous said...

Simon Seow - lol! That's not by 1 year :P

Simon Har - Hahah! Dun play play oh!

Diana - Yeah! It's superb! I contact them to open one in KK lol

Kian Fai - Hehhe!

shirleen - Yeah! It was few months back XD

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Ahhhhh okay bosco step aside, it's time to put joshua's face there. Whaddup! *high 5*