Mar 7, 2011

DiGi iPad 2? It Was Contract Free iPhone 4!

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DiGi is planning to announce something on 8th of March?

Saw this poster on DiGi's Facebook's Wall.

What does this poster popped on your mind? Pregnant Women Had 2 Apple? iPad 2? But then Apple only will be releasing the iPad 2 on 11th March. Probably an open registration for the iPad 2 new owners with some cool packages by DiGi, after all they have missed the 1st iPad launch in Malaysia.

To find out tomorrow, keep yourself update on DiGi's Facebook Page.

Update 8th March 2011
I've got pawned with the poster, DiGi has just announced all new iDiGi subscriptions are entitled to puchase a 2nd Apple iPhone 4 without contract.

I was hype with the iPad 2 launch tho. Probably is time for DiGi to clear all their stock and welcoming the iPhone 5.


Anonymous said...

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iPad 2 said...

Sadly iPad 2 only come to Malaysia in April.