Mar 23, 2011

Vote Visual Story: Beyond The Still

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Few weeks back, Nigel Sia, Ren & Joshua Ong has shot a short film for a contest  "The Star In. Tech EOS Movie Challenge" This short film was shot only with DSLR cameras.

I was tagged along to help out to do some behind the scene. It's a great experience for me in involving in videography. The planning, preparation & execution required a lot of time & skills.

Here are some behind the scene photos shot by Jason Lioh aka Jasonmumbles.

The actors, actress & the crews

Wanna know how's the outcome?

Check this out!

They have made it to the final in this contest and hopefully you guys can vote for Team: Visual Story in "The Star In. Tech EOS Movie Challenge" if you think this video is good. If you encounter problem to vote, please switch to Internet Explorer.

Thank you so much! Oh ya! Do check out Visual Story's Facebook.


Nigelais said...

Thank you Joshua for the plug! :)

Anonymous said...

Nigel - No problemmo! :)

Stephen said...

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