Mar 14, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 8 - Bye Bye Kuching

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Back to my last blogpost of Inaugural Flight to Kuching with Firefly.

On my previous blogpost about BING! the next place we went is Raja Ayam Penyet which also location in town. This restaurant has been shown most trending on foursquare from day 1 we came here.

So we didn't miss the chance to try out what so special about it.

Of course theirs famous Ayam Penyet to be called Flat Chicken? It taste so so for me lar, the chili damn spicy lor. Nothing to shout about.

They also have this golden fried banana and it's yummy, very appetizing.

The medias & artistes were joined together for makan.

And now this time got alot photos of myself.

Che Meen, a very friend art director. I was surprised to know his age but yet he look so young.

Riz a funny guys that never stop entertaining the crowd, probably that's the nature of a singer. :)

We left earlier for another makan session. Yeah Makan! Pierce made our day shine. lol!

Finally I got the chance to try out 5 layers Teh C Peng. Something special but it taste abit......... I still prefer 3 layers XD

Ordered Porn Prawns Noodle, it's totally different in KL.

I forgotten what noodle is this, it's something like Pan Mee in herb soup.

Rebecca really know how to find foods, don't know where he found Pork Burger. The meat is thick and juicy yo.

The last day in Kuching was just makan the best foods in town. Damn! I miss the foods!

Before we set off head back to KL, took a group photo with Pierce. Thank you so much Pierce for your hospitality bring us around. BTW your dinosaur rawks! lol!

Ok! We don't know roar or meow here.

Before get on plane, snapped a photo with Ilyka.

and also another group photo.

It was a great journey visited Kuching, for sure I'll be coming back again. :)

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thenomadGourmand said...

LOL! Yea man! were we roaring or meowing?? ;p

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

the pork pan mee suppose to be kueh chap.. :D

and your kueh chap in earlier post.. its mee sua :P

theeggyolks said...

yaya! agreed with jian! the pan mee in this post was the original Kueh Chap. XD

benooi said...

Wa, you visited in Sarawak and Kuching so many times liao

Joshua said...

Rebecca - I also dun know :P

Miao & theeggyolks - Hahah! I'm totally forgotten which is which already :P

benooi - My 1st time only :P