Mar 13, 2011

Make Up My Insight

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How's your weekend everyone?

I'm in Insight mood this week, had a few make over on my new Ride.

On Saturday I sent my car for solar tint at Ray Tech, Glenmarie branch.

Met Kelvin, the boss of this tint shop. He brought me to a room to test/feel the heat rejection on various type of tint films.

He explained quite professional and details to suit my budget and needs.

The environment there is very clean and the door were always closed while having tinting done. 2 cars are only drive in at a time.

Mold for various cars are ready so they would not have the hassle to measure on the car itself, this also prevent unnecessary accident of scratched the windows.

Installation took about 2 hours with 3 professional installers.

All windows were cleaned to avoid dusts stuck between the windows and film.

Special protection covers were used on dashboard and also on the doors, so no liquid will slips in the dashboard/doors and cause damages.

While waiting me & YY play darts at the customers corner to kill time, it's fun weh! Heheheh!

Overall the workmanship with Ray Tech is good and professional.

Need to thanks to a Low Yat Forummer, dabestone for getting me a quite good deal price on it.

Beside the car tinting, today I've done a small car detailing for extra protection on the car paint. Wish I have the budget to do PPS / Sierra Glow :( Anyone care to sponsor me?

I've used a few Meguiar's which are leftover from my previous, previous car, Perodua Myvi.

My Siu Bak/Whitey now very shine and bling bling. Mosquito & Fly also cannot stand still on my car due to slipperly lol!


Jeffery said...

Hi Bro! U own an Insight!!! I am kinda interesting also actually during my visits in KLIMS. But i hold my buy as afraid of the maintainance. Btw how much u sell off your Vios? Mine get quoted at 52K only! Sigh

Anonymous said...


Congrats on your new Siu Bak....From Perodua - Vios - Honda and next is.....???


Anonymous said...

Jeffery - U should get one! Hehehe! I'm getting slightly better quote :)

Batman - Thanks man! Next will be a lorry I guess :P

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Phewit! Your Siu Bak sibeh cun wei! I have to wait for like another 6 years before I can own my first car lol.

Anonymous said...

Vincent - Ur 1st car for sure a nicer and better car than mine :)