Dec 19, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Part 1)

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Last Saturday I went to Ipoh Douglas, Steve & Lujimmie.

We meet up at KTM Kepong and depart at 9.30am. Our 1st destination is Bidor as we would passby.

So we had our Breakfast at Pun Chun Kopi Shop at Bidor. This kopitiam famous with their Wu Kok and Duck Herbs Noodle.

This Wu Kok very nice, it is like a Siew Pou cover with fried yam. RM 1.40 per pcs.

This is mine, the noodle not nice but the soup taste good.

After breakfast we head to Ipoh look for hotel/motel/guest house as we didn't make any advance booking.

C I'm in Ipoh!!!!!!!

Ok let me show u the attendants of this trip.

This photo took at KTM Ipoh!

What we going to have for lunch? Next... =)

Woots! Yesterday I bought a new toy. Can u guys guess wat it is?

Hehe this time tough ler!


miCheLle said... lens for ur xmas??! or a doll sitting on a box??!! Duno la

Anonymous said...

Mich - U get it right liao. Will reveal 2moro. =P

Nux V said...

i almost wanna laugh at the 4 of u sitting together posing for the photo!
seems like some album cover...

SilverIsle said...

Should be a new lens lar. Not sure what lens nia. =P

JJzai said...


yellowbanana said...

Hei.. your guessing game look familiar... Dunno from wat channel liao.. xD

Anonymous said...

Nux v - Izit? =)
Silverisle - Yeah! U got it correct!
JJZai - Hungry????
YellowBanana - Izit? I also dun know ler.