Dec 26, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Part 3)

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Dinner! Our day 1 dinner. We had something different, probably not all ppl would keen to eat.

Heard from Dr. Saw, this Chicken's Leg is quite famous is Ipoh.
So we have;

I think Ipoh people really like bean sprout. Seem can find it anywhere in Ipoh!.

After the dinner we for some nite shooting.

Fool me for bring tripod but left it in our room. No choice have to borrow from other.

We went to Masjestic building which located next to KTM station.

That all for our day 1 in Ipoh!


SilverIsle said...

I love chicken legs! =P

Anonymous said...

Silverisle - We are same gang! =)

Minny said...

omg omg nice pictures!!! :D
n i love ur header hahhaa
cheeky you

Anonymous said...

Minny - Thanks! =)