Dec 21, 2007

I am Legend

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I just came back from Pavilion and watched "I am Legend"

Seriously this movie ain't bad after all albeit not much scary parts, at least the storyline is good.

The sad part of this movie is the death of Sam. Sam is his best buddy who accompanies him struggling for life in this apocalypse city. Sam has become his armament through out his experiments to reverse the uncontrollable disease and scarified his life to save the world.

Oops! I’m a spoiler. Sorry plz dun flame me.

This movie I would rate it 4/5.

Mich, Rames and Silverisle has got it correct. Rames has the most accurate answer.

I love to take photo of foods so I decide to buy a 50mm 1.8 lens so I would not have anymore problem careworn to take photo in low light environment.


miCheLle said...

Flame u!! haha..
Sam super duper lovely a, i wan a dog like dat oso XD

Anonymous said...

Michelle - =P I'm on fire! Haha! Samantha is a good and loyalful dog.

lujimmie said...

Congrats on the 50mm. :) Got close up filters with that as well. ;)

Nux V said...

so relax ar movie summore...

Anonymous said...

Lujimmie - Thanks man! Haven't wor! Going to get it soon.
Nux V - =)