Dec 22, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Part 2)

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Once we reached Ipoh, we loitering around the town to find hotel/motel/guess house. Most of it was fully booked and we were like…… OMG!! We are not going to sleep in the car?

Luckily we found YMCA and few rooms are available so we charter in for 1 day.

After that we head for lunch. I believe most of you guys already heard or even dine in before at Lou Wong Restaurant.

You can have rice or kuetiau to serve with the chicken.

OMG! A lot Bean Sprout.....

Then we meet Dr Saw/Sydney nearby the restaurant. Then suddenly we saw a green wall across the street.

So I.......... I believe you also know wat I'm going to do next. Hahaha.

So I get ready to jump then suddenly........

I saw an aunty stand in front of her balcony and she laughed at me.

I was blushed and............. emo-ing

Thanks to Douglas and Steve for the photos.

Next we go for a drink with Dr. Saw at Old Town Kopitiam.

The photos below was taken using 50mm f1.8.

This cup of coffee were ordered by Lujimmie has become our model and all of us shot, shot, shot and shot. Lujimmie have to wait us finish shooting only he can drink. Hahhaha! Sorry man!

This is my all time favourite. Toast Bread! Yummy!

Polo Bun but dun have pineapple taste. =P

Stay tune for more photos!


hp84 said...

Joshua, thanks for the birthday wish. Ipoh is definitely a food haven, apart from Penang. Sadly, I've never been to Ipoh before. Will go there someday.

Anonymous said...

HP84 - =) Must find a day to go there.