Dec 25, 2007


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Finally Samir released Nokmote beta. I able to install it and played it around. It's damn cool I tell u.

What is Nokmote?
Nokmote allow you to control your N95 by detecting the movement of the phone through motion sensing, like the Wiimote.
Woots! iPhone also need to put aside. =P Hahaha!

Check out the video and you will know how it to works.

Uploaded by soueldi

Do you feel wan to own a N95?


yungwen said...

Hi, juz accidentally discover this from yr blog! Tat's cooL...Thx! Wish to hav one too~ if u dun mind, i gonna share this on my site too ^^,)!

Anonymous said...

YungWen - Hello! Thanks! How come u r not linked? I also wan to visit ur blog! =)

Melissa said...

But wont it affect users when they accidentally moved/shook the phone when they dont intend to perform any functions? Eg. I'm listening to a song and while it's playing, I happened to move it and it skips to the next track, stops or whatever else which I dont want to do.

Wont it be a bugger then? This aside, I think it's a really cool stuff, thanks for the video :)

yungwen said...

oOo..ok, i'm using multiply actualy. U r welcome to visit (n.n)

Anonymous said...

Melissa - Now is in beta, should have an enchance version soon. It can be disable by a simple keys. =)

YungWen - Oh! Ok Ok! I'll visit visit. Actually previously I'm using multiply too and shifted to blogspot.