Dec 4, 2007

Mee Sua Tow

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I'm back from Penang!

Once reached KL, I felt sick, bad headache and fever. Sigh! Maybe too miss Penang !

Sorry for the delay, yesterday I rushed to work then rushed home and sleep. Slept for 12 hours man!

Let start wit one photo took by Douglas with Jason’s Alpha.

More photos about Penang will be uploaded soon!

Last 2 weeks I watched Ho Chak! They reckon a special foods “Mee Sua Tow” and lot of seafood added as the ingredient for this dish. It attracted my attention for trying out and then after they announced the location, I had made my confirmation to go there becoz there's a a branch near my office. Hehe!

So I asked over my colleague to try since near our office and poisons them by showing the Ho Chak foods show!

So we have Mee Sua Tow as lunch!

The restaurant name was Teow Chew Meng, located at Aman Suria.

Got crab, prawn, shark fin and more seafood.

Reckon by Ho Chak!

RM10 per pax kinna small portion (for me lar)