Dec 17, 2007

Last Day at Penang (Part 6/Final)

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Yes! Most of u guys get it right, I went Ipoh with Douglas, Lujimmie & Steve last Saturday.

Ok! Now let me finalise my Penang trip post before I post bout my Ipoh trip.

It was a hot sunny day. After the shooting at Khoo’s Temple, we went makan dessert, it’s a good way reduce heats that accumulate in our body.

Then we go for....... lunch/tea break/dinner? I also dun know!

We makan Chicken Rice a Lam Fatt Restaurant nearby Air Itam.

We had our dinner with Penang's Bloggers. We had a wonderful seafoods dinner with them before we head back to KL.

Seafoodsssssss...... (Seriously, one of the dish I thought not edible and it's for souvenir/decoration. Dumb me, Haha)

A group photo with the Penang's Blogger.

Our last group photo before we leave Penang.

Bye bye Penang!!! I'll be coming back.

The End! Phew! Finally is done, next will update my Ipoh trip.

Woots!! 2nite I'm going to watch National Treasure 2, Book of Secrets at Pavilion.


JJzai said...

I saw my picture here!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

JJ - =)