Dec 13, 2007

2nd Day at Penang (Part 5)

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Once I opened my eye, my 1st of thought is Makan, thinking what to eat albeit I’m only in ½ conscious. Haha!

Ah Lok brought us to Makan Loh Mee which located next to Tien Kong Than Temple.

Then we moved our butt to Tien Kong Than for some photo shooting.

At the entrance of the temple got 2 stalls selling birds and some people buying it to have them free. WTF? Why those birds were caught in the 1st place? Do u think you are doing a good contribution?

Then we makan again.

Sometime we can be Siao......

Sometime we can be Serious......

Then we went to Leong San Tong Khoo Temple. It required entrance fees to visit this place unless ur surname is Khoo.

This temple look very grand coz alot sculptures were coated with golden color paint. Damn bling bling.

Caught Douglas in action, he's like playing CS. :P

Next gonna be our final day at Penang.


Nux V said...

manyak siao lar u guys...lepas makan ber'posing' pulak!

Anonymous said...

nux v - Haha! We all siao one! =P