Dec 31, 2007

Ipoh Mali (Final)

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Sorry for the delayed update.

Finally this is the final post bout my trip to Ipoh.

2nd day, we went to Sungai Kinta, next to YMCA building.

Some random shoots;

The weather that day is clear.

How I wish I got a macro len.

Douglas in action.

OMG! All Nikon shooters! What they shooting? What should I do?

So I posed! =P

Muakakka! Lame pose!

After that we checked out and head for makan before going back to KL.

We makan Nasi Kandar recommend by Dr. Saw.

Damn nice I tell u. It wasn't that spicy as it look.

This is mine.

Ok Ok! I lie, it was spicy (for me)

They still got Coke in bottle.

Here I would like to wish to you all "Happy New Year 2008"


chingy said...

WHeeeee; Ipoh Ipoh!
You making me miss Ipoh,
Oh where's that Nasi Kandar?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Chingy - I dun know the place, it located nearby the origin White Coffee Cafe at Padang. =)

Barb Michelen - Hello! Will visit. Thanks!

miCh said...

Oh yea~~~Nasi kandar the spicier the better it taste!! XD
Ermmm...why all those nikon users like kurang satu orang like dat geh :P

Anonymous said...

Mich - Izit? Too bad I dun like spicy foods. =P.
Kurang satu orang? He is posing mah! Muakakakka