Dec 22, 2007

Girl Next Door

Posted by Anonymous |

Lately I got this weird feeling about this girl.

Know her for some time and never deliberate I would have this sort of emotion toward her.

Maybe her personality that changed my way of thinking.

Every time I thought of her my heart would beat drastically.

It has been few years I didn’t felt this manner of feeling.

Recently she always emerged in my mind.

Always felt wanted to convene her.

Felt sought to be her custodian.

I believe…………

that sent by her.


Catherine said...

go go...go after her~~~~~

Anonymous said...

Catherine - =)

towr said...

you are falling in love! wow!

Anonymous said...

Towr - =P

SilverIsle said...

I like the way you post it here. We will pray for you and wish you all the best oh. Jadi time remember to post again lor. =P

Anonymous said...

Silverisle - Hehe! Thank you! =P