Dec 6, 2007

We Reached Penang (Part 2)

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We reached Butterworth at 7.00am and took a ferry to meet Ah Lok at Penang.

This is my 2nd time meeting Ah Lok. He’s kind enough to bring us visit around Penang and also let us to stay at his place.

This shot were took before we disembark.

Since all of us are hungry, Ah Lok brought us for breakfast.

I had Roti Bakar, Kopi Ais and 1/2 boiled eggs.
The taste is different from wat I had in KL. Mayb the way it prepared is more tradisional, they using charcoal to cook.

Everyone is happy with their's Breakfast then we head to Kek Lok Si for shooting.

1st shot in Kek Lok Si.

So we shot, shot, shot and shot.

This statues look nobility.

Where's the big, famous Kuan Ying's statues?

I didn't took picture of Kuan Ying becoz it's on mantainance, they building an gigantic roof so that Kuan Ying would not stay under the scorching sun anymore.

Since Jason is around and his "Jump" contamination never got weaken.

So, I "Jumped". Thanks to Douglas to snap this.

Something new brought up by Jason. Lean! Acting like a Pisa Tower =P

So we lean.
from left; Ah Lok, Aaron, Jason and Me

More foods, lean and jump photos will be uploaded. Stay tune!


JJzai said...

next time lean and jump together!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok! Ok! =)

Catherine said...

how come all the photographers love to snap JUMP photos??? hoho~~~

Anonymous said...

Catherine - coz....coz..... we love to JUMP!