Dec 5, 2007

I almost......... (Penang Part 1)

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What almost?

Almost missed the camwhoring,
Almost missed the foods,
Almost missed Penang,

Becoz I almost missed the train. Yes! I came late and whole train has to delayed becoz of me.

Thanks to Douglas for persuading the KTM’s staffs to delay the time.

The journey took about 10 hours from KL to reach Butterworth Mentega Bernilai.

How we gonna digest this 10 hours and all of us equipped with camera? As usual lor, Camwhoring. Then we linger around from one deck to other decks.

I was so so famished as I didn’t had my dinner, so we went to the cafeteria. Makan-ing plus Cam-whoring.

Douglas and Jason.


Must Siao a bit mah, so the time can pass faster.

This is my dinner, damn expensive and taste........ (i dun wan to describe)
Can c Aaron & Jason mou?

So we makan-ing plus cam-whoring.

It was late, we must charge up for 2moro. So we head back to our respective bed and heaved our curtain.

Good nite!

Next gonna be; what we had for breakfast and where we visit.


JJzai said...

More More More!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wokie! =)