Dec 10, 2007

Penang Rocks (Part 4)

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After a superb lunch, we went for round 2. Dessert!

What we had? Watch this video clip you will know.

Ais Kacang@Penang from Joshua on Vimeo.
Credit to Jason for having this idea to video and a special thanks to Ah Lok for video-ing it.

We went for Ais Kacang & ABC opposite The World Park.

This is my ABC special! Look like "Mat Toh Luh" meaning mixed all.

We also ordered Oh Jian for some bite.

After that we Jalan Jalan at The World Park and we.........

Next we head to Ah Lok's house at Air Itam.

Then Ah Lok told us, nearby his house got Laksa very nice. Their so called Laksa is Asam Laksa in KL.
Since we already here, we would not miss any chance for makan.

Douglas ordered Bread with Ba Kua and chicken floss.

Then we ordered Laksa. Taste not bad, but Ah Lok complaining not enough spicy.

We went to Ah Lok house to take shower and get prepared to meet the Penang's Bloggers.

We meet them at Gurney Plaza and have our dinner at Food Loft. There's a blogger name Cedrick damn Siao and Crazy, I believe no one can beat him. He really heated up the enviroment. He really can make us "LOL" seriously "Laugh Out Loud" and I almost cried with his jokes.

All the bloggers damn frenly.

Penang's Bloggers Rawks!!!!

A group photo b4 leave.

Then meet HungWei at Northam Beach for Yum Char before we ended our Day 1 in Penang.

Next! What we had for breakfast and wat we ate so on? What Siao things we did on our last day? Stay tune!


Dan said...

dude, you should have try the otak-otak in siin se kai and the kuih apom opposite the shop.

by the way, did u try the mee goreng in pulau tikus nearby the police station? one of the superb delicious mee goreng too.

Catherine said...

the photo infront of the world park...


Anonymous said...

Dan - Wah! I missed alot foods! Must go there again! =P

Catherine - =P Yeah! We all siao one!

SlowCatchUpKuan said...

muahahaha the part where you guys jumped up was so farny haha but the video too short la

Anonymous said...

Slowcatchupkuan - 1st attempt mah, would create more siao short clip =P