Dec 9, 2007

How's Your Weekend?

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I was at KLCC this evening sauntering around PC Fair. I didn’t buy anything, as the price wasn’t that attractive. I left about 7pm and walked out and saw our country’s most proud building standing nobleness with half dusk.

So I took out my camera and…….

took this

I just watched “Enchanted” movie at Times Square.

Ok Ok! It does sound kinky for a guy to watch a fairy tales movie but this movie really nice to watch.

There’s princess, prince, evil step mum, singing with dancing that attracted peoples around to dance along, communicable animals that help the princess to do tidiness.

It does sound exaggerated, but that’s wat fairy tales story all about.

Rate 4.5/5


JJzai said...

Havent watch that,
but i wanted to watch!!!!!!
nice not?

Anonymous said...

JJ - Must watch! Damn nice!

Imagica Chan said...

eh u watched enchanted!! I did not watch tat yet... but i watch the golden compass :P:P hahha since u said damn nice... then i shall go watch enchanted too

kimfei said...

the photo is great...n the movie very very nice..hehe..u watch it alone or v bunch of guy buddies??

Anonymous said...

Imagica - Yeah! U should go to watch. So Golden Compass ok mou? I watched the preview, seem nice ler.

Anonymous said...

Kimfei - Thanks! Watched with frens =)