Dec 8, 2007

Makan at Penang (Part 3)

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After the “Jumping” and “Leaning” we all are tired and hungry.

So Ah Lok brought us to Cherry Sweet for lunch.

These the dishes we ordered;

Tom Yam......

Green Curry.

Crab shells with Chicken meat in it.

Deep fried Kangkung. Taste special and scrumptious.

Mango Kerabu..

Some dessert for the day.

Just a short update.

Next, we met the Penang's Blogger/Shouters! and show u guys a "Super Siao" Video that we took at Penang.


Sae Wei said...

Hahaha... You came all the way to Penang but Ah Lok brought you makan Thai Food? Addoooii... Hahahaha... *smacks forehead*

Ah Lok Cafe said...

sae wei !
that thai food is not bad lo.
actually first plan is to go makan laksa n CKT n Curry mee one. but that shop closed on weekend .

JJzai said...

those foods looks so nice!
next time must try!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Actually I like the foods there very much! =)

princessladyjane said...

where is this cherry sweet? it sounds familiar n looked familiar but i cannot seem to recall where is this... can u find out n let me know joshua?? thanks ya...

Anonymous said...

PrincessLadyJane - I have no idea wor, Ah Lok brought us there. Let me ask Ah Lok 1st. =)