Mar 3, 2008

Are You Voting?

Posted by Anonymous |

Haha! This time no more makan post.

I took this pictures few days ago at Jalan Pudu. He really hardcore fans of BN.

Have you registered? Are you going to vote?

I haven't register this year by the next 5 year I'll remember myself to register. =P


iCalvyn said...

too bad, i did not register ... this coming election opponent loss 1 vote already...

chingy said...

I'm gonna vote next 5 years yay!

How ironic is it to see, people wanting a change, but not registering or taking efforts to even do something.


Anonymous said...

icalvyn - Let's register next year

chingy - Wah! Sound so serious ler! Let's register next year!

Choo Hwei Ming said...

Next year I won be in malaysia to vote.. X.X.

Hey, have you seen a Mitshubitshi Evo X at pudu? It is as hardcore as the picture you've taken, but, the only differents is, it is a 200k car!!

Voters are getting rich!!

hp84 said...

Joshua, you can try send the picture to TheStar, maybe you can win RM50. That's a special picture. hehe

Anonymous said...

Choo Hwei Ming - Leaving the country for study? Evo X? No wor! Also put alot flags on his car? =S

HP84 - Hehe! Submitted, dun know got chance or not =P

Choo Hwei Ming said...

yea..for studies.. I was thinking postal vote, but if the embassy is so far away, i might just forget about it..

Yea..some be some rich koyak fellow la.. stick barisan flag on the exoX..

Anonymous said...

Choo Hwei Ming - OIC! Haha! Got alot money dun know where to spend! =)