Mar 5, 2008

Vote For Me Can?

Posted by Anonymous |

Lately my blog being very boring and my traffic drop like no tomorrow. =P

Since this year we are having our national election, so I take this opportunity to participate.

Please vote for me, you won't regret!

If I won I will;
- Increase all wages salary to 50%
- Working days will be Tuesday till Thursday (3 days of work only) for all sectors.
- No more toll.
- Petrol will decrease 50%
- No need to pay income tax.
- Free education.
- and more


TINTIN said...


chingy said...

Omg the poster fail adee. Hahahahha. But the stuff you promised is very promising!

Vote for Joshua yay!

Interns Chatz said...

Vote for you!!!

triShie said...

...sounds very promising.

JJzai said...

yours is what group?
Vote for u no probs,
but must pay me

BabyShannon said...

haha. can't vote yet lol. but nice pic =)

hp84 said...

Your manifesto is very good. Maybe you should add free DSLR for every blogger, then sure lots of malaysian blogger will vote for you. HeHe..

my vote is for you.

Nux V said...

where to vote?

Anonymous said...

tintin - =)
Chingy - Good ler! U know wat to do right? =P
Interns Chatz - Thanks for ur support.
Trishie - Hehe! Vote for me!
JJZai - New & Standalone party. Later ICAC will question u!
Baby Shannon - Underage? No issue here! =)
HP84 - Good idea wor! TQ!
Nux V - Forgot to prepare the box time!

rice said...

you are creative!!

Anonymous said...

Rice - Creative? They all say I siao! =P

Bengbeng said...

i saw this too late. i cannot vote u oledi liao. soli huh?

Anonymous said...

BengBeng - Haha! Thanks for ur support.