Mar 14, 2008

Bukit Cahaya Outing

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Last 2 weeks I went Fattien organized a photo outing to Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

This is my 3rd visit to Bukit Cahaya. The 1st visit was Myviclub 2nd Years Anniversary and A day trip to Bukit Cahaya with frens.

Early in the morning we gather at Fattien’s apartment and together-gether makan breakfast nearby his house.

The attendances are Fattien, Hung Wei, Hiew, Lee Peng, Eugene, Eri and Me.

We rent bicycles at there. Everyone get ready and gear up.

We start shooting, shooting and shooting. Dun know y they like to shoot each other?

and again. Siao! =P

Then we head to animal farm. Suddenly they all run very fast with a very excited look...........

Fattien do the Peace sign.

Then Ah Hung and Ah Wei started to pose.

Seriously Bukit Cahaya has alot nice view and landscape.

The "E" couple. It's "E" not that "eeeeee"

Lee Peng and =P

Hey u 2 move a side, u blocking the view lar.

For more photos can be view from;
1. Fattien
2. HungWei
3. Eugene


3ugene said...

nice place.BUKIT CAHAYA.find one day wanna go.n .nice pic capture^^ veri nice

Anonymous said...

3ugene - Yeah! Find one good that go there! Very nice de! =) Thank you!