Mar 12, 2008

BAR-B-Q Plaza

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Yeah! Most of you guys guess it correct.

Too obvious liao I guess! =P

I went for dinner with a bunch of frens at Bukit Tinggi Klang Jaya Jusco. We ate at Bar-B-Q Plaza. The funny ad. of the restaurant attracted me to dine in. :S Haha

The Maskot!

Camwhore 1st while waiting...

Mun Lay & Ronan.

Andy & Yoke Yee.

Me and My Dear!

OMG! My hair damn long lar! Need to cut jor. Have to wait till May =(

Pour some chicken stock soup and add a piece of fat onto the center of the hot plate. Fat? It work as a natural oil for sizzling.

FYI! This restaurant is a non halal restaurant! Hope these photos won't offended the muslim reader.

That all for now! Makan 1st!

Next updating going to be Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam! Hehe! Delayed for a week plus liao!

Stay tune! =)


Frank said...

y need wait til may to cut ur hair? haha

i remember bbq plaza has lcd playing advert outside their outlet...kinda cool.

Catherine said...

wah....looks nice to eat wor....

Anonymous said...

Frank - er..... have to. Yeah! There's alot LCDs repeating the ad. Kinna funny one!

Catherine - Yeah! Must try.

yipguseng said...

did u "RAAARRRRRRR" when u eat it?:D

the pig oil, very geli leh....dun u feel it?

beyond said...

If u really like Korean BBq, try the Korean BBQ at Hartamas! Really really good!

chingy said...

But fats as oil O_O

Anonymous said...

Yipguseng - Haha! No wor! A bit geli wat to do, no other alternative oil.

Beyond - Wat's the shop name?

Chingy - It's natural oil =P

beyond said...

Korean BBq lo..Hehhehe

JASON said...


3ugene said...

wow.nice Bbq.i wan to eat :P

Anonymous said...

Beyond - But the ad. shown it's from Thai.

Jason - Nice!

Eugene - Hi Eugene! Must try! =) Highly recommended.