Mar 30, 2008

Layout Changed Again!

Posted by Anonymous |

Yes! I changed my layout again.

The previous header that I used received some negative comments for being unappealing and unattractive. I’m delighted to receive any comments no matter its bad or good.

Credit to Douglas for photoshopped this photo.

The background of the photo was taken somewhere in Australia during Douglas visit. Woots! I went to Australia.

Do give comment bout my new layout.


Ah Ho said...

Well, u forgot to indicate the citation rgd the portrait I took for u as well. lol.

gLaDieZz said...

Looks good to me... Heehe

bearlim said...

it is so nice lar~i like the colour effect.

gaTO said...

always that good wan..i feel all oso nice!!!!!! my header not nice..sob sob

Catherine said...

nice....lomo feel ya....hehe~~~

Anonymous said...

Ah Ho - Opps left out tim.
Gladiezz - =)
Bear Lim - Thanks!
Gato - TQ! Ur's look funny mah!
Catherine - Hmmmm... yeah the colours got lomo feel.