Jan 10, 2010

DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Challenge

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Just got back from MardiGras,1 Utama after attended "DiGi Internet Pimp My Day"
Our team name was Pimpky! which consist of me, Saimatkong, Emeryn and Pueh Tian.

This gonna be my 1st super long blogpost with super a lot photos and video. Loading slow? Get DiGi 3G Internet for fast browsing experince. I'm using one for this blog post =)

The event was an on ground challenge which require to work in a teams of 4.

This is us before the challenge started, we are given a DiGi Broadband modem with 3G Turbo support that can have download up to 7.2mbps. The connection was super fast and seamless.

We are Team number 4.

We are given 8 tasks to be completed with a piece of paper which direct to us where to find the challenge spots. We are fighting against time as every minutes counts.

The are no sequence of tasks that we need to do, we have to plan and execute it accordingly.

The 1st challenge we took was the Batting Cage that located at Upper Roof of new wing.

Before we start we take a group photo, we all look super energetic and ready to accomplish all the tasks.

This is my 1st time playing batting cage, have seen it on TV  and it look very easy. In fact, it's very hard to hit a speedy ball and you may sprain your arm if you try it too hard.

Task 1 - Batting Cage

me with my silly look. lol!

I manage to hit 11/15, that is quite good for an amateur like me. lol! Tak tahu malu XD

Task 2 -Let's Rock!

Our next challenge is exploring music with Free music download from DiGi Music Portal Services. We are required to create a playlist of Akon and Lady Gaga's songs. Took us some time to search tho.

Task 3 - Camera..... Action!!!!

The next task was to make a 30 seconds video of Swatch with DiGi Ads. Below is the video outcome;

P/S please don't laugh so hard k? XD

Task 4 - Pole Dance

The following task was a group pole dance with the theme of Athlete....... yeah! my face was -.-"

Seriously, we did a super lousy one lor, we are more like 4 yellow monkey dance on the stage instead of sexy pole dance. lol!

Warning! The video might be disturbing to some minority. Muakakaa!

Task 5 - Riddle

This time a video was streamed via Youtube with Nokia N97 connected to DiGi high speed internet connection. We are required to get the answer that has related to the video and the number given.

Task 6 - Bull Eye

Task 6 was bull eye. Has seen it on TV, the Orang Asli used it to hunt animals with some poison sticks in the rainforest. No worry, we did not kill any one or any animals there. It just some satay sticks used to shot on a board.

Guess what? Me and Pueh Tian was too tall, we have to kneel down to shot. That's not the most challenging!

Saimatkong was more better, he can shot with his eye closed! Dun play play eh, look at our faces, we are stoned! XD

Task 7 - Run! Run! Run! & Run!

The 2nd last challenge was a 800 meters runs. An average speed will be record down to give the points. I was almost fainted with the challenge as we has already run from new wing to old wing, then old wing to new wing, then up and down, upper roof then 2nd floor, then 2nd floor to ground floor and so on.

You don't believe?

Look at our faces!

Compare it with the 1st task photo that I took. lol!

Task 8 - Super Model

The final challenge is posing with QuikSilver props and take a photo. We need to pose whatever clothes that have in the basket and take a photo with it, photo is judged based on creativity.

This creative photo has allowed us to win RM300 QuikSilver/Roxy vouchers. Saimatkong has scarified his 1st time........... lol! I mean the 1st wore women's clothes. Guess what? QuikSilver clothes was too nice and can be easily matched, see Saimatkong look super sexy in it. Muakakakka!

After completed all we need to head back to MardiGras. Phew! We manage to finished all on time.

Once we reached to MardiGras we are required to blogpost whatever we've done and upload all the videos that needed and submit it in an hour.

Our team was so co-operative, we manage to delegated all the job to complete the blogpost. I was doing the photos editting/touch up, Saimatkong upload the videos, Emeryn was preparing the blogpost and Pueh Tian was taking the photos for us. Well done Pimpky!

Once we have completed all.......... an announcement made....the blogpost was extended to tomorrom mid-night.

There was some problem to upload the videos as the traffic was too crowded thus the blogpost submission has extended to the next day mid-night.

The grand winner, runner up and 1st runner up yet to found the owner. Praying hard to be in it! *Praying very hard with both of my eye closed very hard*

Each task has a winner for it and we are lucky enough to be the winner of Super Model! Woots! Damn happy can?

It was super fun, thank you so much to DiGi, TimeOut Solution and Nuffnang for organised such great event.

Before I ended my post, here's a recap video of the challenge created by our team member Pueh Tian!.

It's a MUST WATCH!!! Remember to watch ya!

Nah!!!! Dun try to scroll further down.... watch the video can? lol! Damn desperate! XD

If you would like to view more, please click on our team’s individual blog below.


.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

Yes, we are good in modeling? haha.

Dylan Phuah said...

hey, good luck in winning the whole game yeah!

TZ said...

hmmm... looks like most of the time all of you just camwhoring ... dude, did you win any prize other than the vouchers :p

yedkajang said...

congratz... jealous with your voucher.. hehehehe

Ps: see my post also.. http://mohdzaid.com/

Jackie Loi said...

jealousssssssssssssssssssss ada quiksilver T__T

Seraph said...

haha awesome stuff wei
can become models leao! =D

kenwooi said...

haha.. looks fun ya! =D


GenYong said...

Wow tall boyz... Good luck on your games and enjoy on it! ... It looks really fun right there.

Anonymous said...

Saimatkong - Yeah! Damn good one!

Dylan - Thanks man!

TZ - Yet to announce, hope to win the HP mini. Heheheh

yedkajang - Thanks mate!

Jackie Loi - lol! U did a great job ma.

Seraph - U also got chillis vouchers eh. Yum yum! Hehehe

kenwooi - It's fun and tired. lol!

Genyong - Thank you very much! =)

pierce79 said...

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