Jan 26, 2010

Tooth Fairy Screening

Posted by Joshua |

Just got back from One Utama, watched The BadAss ToothFairy ToothFairy that hold by Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnang for the invites.

This movie is about "A Was Famed Hockey Player" (Dwayne Johnson) who doesn't belief in fairy and also a dream & fantasy killers, received a summons from the Fairyland. He are required to be a Tooth Fairy and his job is to collect tooths from children and pay them with money for 2 weeks before he actually can be free/back to his normal life. A lot silly and stupid jokes in this movie that didn't failed to tickles us.

Rate 8.5/10 Had a great laugh in the cinema with the Nuffnangers and Nuffies. A quite worthy to watch movie.


Jackie Loi said...

"i gonna do it! i gonna do it! i gonna do it! i gonna do it! i gonna do it!..ok i am not doing it....

just kidding! i gonna do it!"

hahaha i love d ending part XD

Cayenne said...

haha. jackie still so excited huh!? haha. heard lots of laughter from behind. but less at the front row. but overall the whole cinema was shaking! XD

indeed nice one! =)

kenwooi said...

havent watched it..
but im sure it is funny =)


Hakzai said...

bro i heard ur laughter very loud in de cinema!
muhahahaha :P

JaSoN LCE® said...

sounds like a worth to watch movie... *woots*

Jack Ng said...

hey hey ... did u sit beside hikaru yest nite during the movie ?!

taufulou said...

keke, great movie` keep laughing like soh hai onli me`

Joshua said...

Jackie - Tat is too funny lor!

Cayenne - He always like tat geh, i think now he still laughing XD

kenwooi - Very!

Hakzai - Yau mou?

Jason - Worthy every single penny u paid! =)

Bok - Tat mean the movie is nice lor! Hhehehe! I laugh like crazy too!

TZ said...

I wanna go and watch the movie :) It's definitely in my must watch list already since Tallboyz gave it 8.5/10 :p

foongpc said...

8.5 out of 10? That good? Sure or not?

Joshua said...

TZ - Hahha! Need to be so serious with my rating meh? lol!

FoongPC - Indeed is funny lor! Go to cinema to check it out! =)