Jan 23, 2010


Posted by Joshua |

Just got back from 1 Utama. Watched Legion.

The story is quite biblical and reflected to us how cruel and stupidity humans are.

My thought of Angel was they are a chubby boy covered with white powder and half naked in a pair of white wings. Hahahah! Actually in this movie, the Angel are not much different with Devil. They would kill peoples for sake of accomplish assignment. Ok! No more spoiler.

Rate 6/10 does look a bit low cost budget movie.

BTW, I'm honor to know that my blogpost of Why I Like It Longer has made it way to the top most popular blogpost in innit.nuffnang.com in last 24 hours. Woots! This is the 1st time ever my blogpost to be appeared in this chart table. I've received a quite good respond and comments from you guys.

Thanks guys for the support. Cheers and Happy Weekend to everyone! =)


benooi said...

Is it the legion in X'mas III ??? looks like

curryegg said...

that's cool! congratulation on your blog post. i thought of writing it too, but.. well, if i have time.. ;)
Good luck!

kenwooi said...

legion? never heard of it till i saw it here on your blog.. haha.. =)


Joshua said...

benooi - X'mas III? Dun know wor!

curryegg - Hahah! Thank you!

kenwooi - lol! U r just too bz =P