Jan 15, 2010

The Spy Next Door Screening

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Just got back from eCurve watched The Spy Next Door Screening that I've won from MixdotFM. Tagged Saimatkong, Rames & Emeryn.

Before the movie, we all gather for dinner together as most of us just off from work. We ate at The Garden, which are the same branch at 1 Utama.

Most of us I had Pineapple Fried Rice and Rames was thought of complaining "Where's the pineapple?". WTF! lol

It was still early after collected tickets, we head to Just Dessert and indeed we just had dessert only. lol!

and not to miss, cam-ho together.

Sorry for the poor image quality, taken with my phone.

The movie is too funny and it has gotten more funny when Saimatkong lol! BTW Jackie Chan english indeed has improved. Had a great laugh in the movie.

Rate 6.5/10 It's a bit fake but what the heck it is a movie.

p/s: Dun leave the cinema so fast after the movie end, there are some NG shots very funny.


Jackie Loi said...

I HATE UUUU!! T___T..nvm i watch tmrw! hmmp!

.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

yes good movie hhaa

Emeryn said...

the movie quite funny. =)

Anonymous said...

Jackie - ????

saimatkong - =)

Emeryn - Glad to know tat!