Jan 27, 2010

Haunted Universities

Posted by Joshua |

Just watched Haunted Universities at Pavilion with YY.

Thai peoples does come out with a quite number of good horror movies so does this. This movie based on various horror and ghost tales set in universities. Mostly are legends passed down from one class to another.

Rate 6.5/10 found not as horror as it's but did pumped my heart go faster. lol!

Coming next! Be prepare for Sushi craving!!!!!!


EVo said...

Ahahaha...almost wanted to watch this show that day..but gf lately lost the mojo for horror show. aiseys.

Lulu said...

Hey...how bt u record down all ur expenses for movie ticket(s) and share wf us...that mus be a BIG figure ler....

Joshua said...

Evo - lol! Lost mojo XD

Lulu - er... mostly are free one geh wor! =P