Jan 19, 2010

Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid

Posted by Joshua |

2 weeks ago, I had dinner with YY at Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid. Thought of visiting my brother who was working at there. He has been working there for quite some period, only this useless brother go and visit him. *slap back of my head*

*sorry for the low quality images, photos was taken with mobile phone*

These what we had;

It may look cruel but what the heck? I can eat this all day long, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper. lol!

Some softshell crap crab roll

no caterpillar inside ok? It just look like catterpillar and I don't eat bugs.

YY ordered this, not a fans of unagi but still have to finish up for her.

I had this, super love cold soba. Dip and eat! Om nom nom

That is my younger brother.

not to miss, a photo of me and my princess. Doesn't she look cute with the crown? XD

That's all for now!

So, any of you craving for Sushi now? XD


Hakzai said...

hate u hate u hate u!
didnt invite me along!
im a sushi kaki lai de!
u leave me behind!
sad T_T

` shirleen said...

long time no eat sushi zanmai already ><

Joshua said...

Hakzai - Hahahah! Come and join me next time =)

shirleen - Go and eat lar but remember to tag me along wor =)

Edwin T said...

not really into sushi zanmai. prefer ichiban boshi coz they taste totally different tho'. :P

Joshua said...

Actually I preferable Sushi King more. Hehhe SK portions is bigger compare with SZ.