Jan 11, 2010

I’m a Tooth Fairy

Posted by Joshua |

Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Malaysia, Nuffnang is giving out 90 pairs of invitation to the special screening of Tooth Fairy this 25 January.

Here I would like to share with you guys, if "I'm a Tooth Fairy"

In order to accomplish my mission to collect tooth from underneath pillow of a child, I'll be MEAN! You got it right, violent to achieve my mission. I'll use LOLLIPOP, SLEEPING POWDER & HAMMER

How? Below is the steps;

1. Give the child a lot alot of sweets so the tooth will be loosen up easily. (Ok! I'm not the kids as I dun have any kids model for me to shot, just imagine I'm a kids ok?)

2. Use sleeping powder magic to have the child sleep, so I can sneak to his pillow to get the tooth.

3. If couldn't find any tooth below the pillow, then I may have to be harsh by hammering it out one tooth from his mouth. Spend so many sweets and sleeping powder couldn't get the tooth, of course have to use the hard way.

After all!

So, you guys pray hard that this Bad Ass Tooth Fairy won't dropby to your house tonite! lol!

Ok! A crappy one. Please Nuffnang, spare me a pair of tickets please. Heheheh!


Dylan Phuah said...

movie tickets winning KING!
need to learn from you d. :)

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha I like this artwork very much =)

Stephen said...

So are you gonna spread your wings and fly to the cinema? HAHAHA.

so carzy said...


cavinw said...

eh..why u look so pale wan

taufulou said...

sei loh..for this movie, so many ppl do a blog post ha..hee, hope you and me got it too~:D

Joshua said...

Dylan - lol! U also can de

Tian Chad - Thanks man!

Stephen - I hope I can, wait! I dun have wings eh! lol!

so crazy - ???

cavinw - FAIR+ly ma! lol!

taufulou - no worry! Got 90 pairs tickets to be won! =)

Emeryn said...

wow..u put in effort to edit it lor. puifok

Joshua said...

emeryn - lol! is mou liu!