Jan 3, 2010

U-Village | Did You Hear About The Morgans

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Yesterday went to Sungei Wang with YY for brunch and catch a movie at Times Square. These 2 places has become the heaven for YY to buy her clothes. FYI, she like to buy those non branded clothes coz she found that it look more stylish than the branded #WTF right?

What we had for brunch?

I ordered "A Heart Shaped Salted Fish Chicken Rice" lol!

YY had Superior Wine Fried Chicken rice.

We did added a side dish, we had baby... I mean baby shatin chickens. It taste a bit weird for me, it has a lot herbs smell and taste which I dun really like.

This is Yoke Yee aka YY

My FUGLY & LANSI satisfied face after a so full brunch. BTW I added 1 rice tho. lol!

Since it's early we walked walked at Sungei Wang and I saw a bunting. See what I've found?

Unusual piercing? Hmmmmm.... Unusual how? Pierce where? I guess it's up to your imagination. lol!

Did You Heard About The Morgans

I'm not ask you, that's the movie title if you don't know.

It's a comedy and romance movie starred by Sarah Jessica Parker where she look super old but yet still hot and the heavily English spoken Hugh Grant.

This movie is about an estranged couple who witness a murder are relocated to small-town Wyoming as part of a witness-protection program. A lot jokes and laughters happened when Hugh Grant tried very hard to win back his wife's heart.

Rate 7/10 a not bad movie to watch with your loved one.


Dylan Phuah said...

but seriously non-branded stuff are more stylish. haha... most of timessquare and sungai wang products come from taiwan and china. :)

:: yvonne :: said...

I watched the Morgans and felt that the story line quite good. Unlike those boring love movie.. :)

Joshua said...

Dylan - Tat's what YY told me! :)

yvonne - Yeah! Super nice!