Jan 17, 2010

Sherlock Holmes | Old Dogs

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Finally I've watched Sherlock Holmes after hearing so much of good feedbacks from those who have watched.

My early impression of the movie after watched the trailer was, it feel like a boring and less actions movie.

Actually the movie are totally different and the storyline was awesome. The way how he solve unusual cases is simply WOW!

Rate 9/10 I love how Robert Downey Jr. / Sherlock Holmes profiling peoples. Can't wait for Sherlock Holmes 2, if there are.

This afternoon I've watched Old Dogs with YY at Pavilion.

Old Dogs is a comedy movie about 2 best buddies as well as business partners have their lives turned upside down when they are unexpectedly charged with two 7 years old twin while on verge of their biggest business deal of their lives.

A lot funny stuffs happened while taking care 2 of the kids.

Rate 8/10 The early part was a bit dull after that I laughed like hell in the cinema.


taufulou said...

hehe..looks like old dogs worht a watch..

yeah..sherlock holmes a good movie~

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Indeed!