Jan 20, 2010

Pimpky Has Won The DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge

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Do you guys still remember the DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge?

Guess what? I've received an e mail from Nuffnang that the result for top 3 DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge contest is out and surprisingly our team Pimpky has won the 1st prize. Woots!

Here I would like to thanks to DiGi, TimeOut Solutions & Nuffnang for organizing such cool event and honoured to be picked as the Grand Prize winner.

And also thank you so much to my team members Saimatkong, Pueh Tian & Emeryn. Pimpky has made it! Our tiredness, sweat and muscles pain has paid off! lol!

Do check out of our winning DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge video;

and our winning blogpost DiGiPimpMyDay

Pimpky! Pimpky! Pimp My Day!
Pimpky! Pimpky! All The Way!


Emeryn said...

good job everyone. now waiting for the prizes arrival. *gan jeong*

Hakzai said...

congratulation bro!
9s job u've done there!
*thumb up for u*

Cayenne said...

congratulations! very successful event from nuffnang indeed. =)

Jack Ng said...

Congrats ........

Anonymous said...

Emeryn - Can't wait!

Hakzai - Thanks man!

Cayenne -Woots! Thank you!

Jack Ng - Arigato!