Jan 28, 2010

Alson & Abby Birthday at Rakuzen

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Last Sunday, I've visited Rakuzen attended Alson & Abby's Birthday. It was actually an advance celebration as Alson's B'day fall on the next day and Abby was the following day.

Ok! Let's move on with introduction of the MakanGang

Start with the ladies Yoke Yee, Sandy, Abby, Mun Lay & Cayven

Next the guys Andy, Ronan, Me & Alson.

Wokie! Foods time! Please DO NOT lick your monitor please. XD

So! Got feel a bit hungry now? Have the crave to eat Sushi now? lolz!

Here's the b'day boy and b'day gal with their's cake. I'm not going to tell u guys they are already 25 as it's a personal. WTF! XD

Happy Belated Birthday guys!

Before ended my post, a group shot of the MakanGang

p/s I look absolutely hideous. lol


Lulu said...

Very nice food & group photos~

Anonymous said...

Thank you wor!

Happiness Family said...

My favorite japanese food.